Six things one should know before renting an apartment

After the bursting of the housing bubble, a good number of rents have gone quite high. Demand for renting a house is high now and supply is steady. If you are renting an apartment or a house, you need to know the following in order to get a fair deal.

Bargain with confidence: Feel free to negotiate. Rent is very much negotiable. If the turning around of listings in your area is a little high, than your negotiation will save you some cash for sure. But if the turning around of listings is low, then the landowner will have an upper hand and may not accept your offer.

Show seriousness: To make the bargain fruitful, show that you are serious about the deal. Show the intention of signing the lease as soon as possible. It will create a good impression on mind of the landowner. If you can convince the landowner that waiting for a better deal can eventually cost him, you will able to lower your rent.

Save cash by getting the deposit back: Security deposits typically protect landlords from tenants that skip rents and don’t pay the bills for repairing damages. If you were a good tenant and you have not damaged anything and should ask for the refund, from your current landowner, that you gave as a security deposit.

Check your landlords: It is expected that you will check the building, amenities of the apartment and location. It is also wise to check the landowner / landlord. You should rent a house and apartment from a landlord who shows the intention to deal with repairs quickly and is proactive in approach. For instance, if you see that the carpet is dirty or the walls are not cleaned professionally, it is an indication that the landlord will not be very active in doing the repairs.

Ask the landlord about changes to the dwelling: You are not supposed to make any changes to the houses. If you have anything on mind, ask the landlord in advance. It will save you from future face-offs.

Overcome the red flags: If you have a low credit score and a history of foreclosure, do not feel that it is impossible to rent a good house. It makes thinks harder but not impossible. In such cases, approach the landlord with a smiley face, explain your situation and express your desire of renting the house. Be upfront about the finances.

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